Advisory Services

DSB Advisory Services have a proven successful track record in delivering for our clients. Our comprehensive experience and extensive network of funding providers ensure we are best positioned to bring solutions to our clients funding needs.

We work with all traditional pillar banks and can ensure an efficient turnaround time in application processes. We also have an extensive network of non-traditional lenders so can work with you to bridge any gaps in your requirements.

We deliver funding solutions for a range of clients’ objectives, including:

We work with clients in preparing Business Plans and Financial Projections for use in fundraising. We prepare detailed funding proposals.

We also provide a range of the more traditional corporate finance advices to our client base in areas such as:

These tailored operational performance dashboards will be available to businesses to provide real time information on key performance metrics, as well as providing unique reporting functionality with the core objective’s being:
Highlights to note as you use our dashboards:

As a Grocery Store Owner our Nexus data analytics dashboard, for example, will allow you to review the following key metrics on a daily or weekly basis to improve your store performance:


1. Review Store KPI Dashboard for comprehensive overview of all previous week’s KPI’s.

2. Review Weekly Product Performance Dashboard for an indication of how sales compare to same week last year.

3. Review Weekly Financial Performance dashboard to monitor your actual cash earnings each week (with comparatives to prior year) to enable you to take actions quickly to reduce overheads if needs be.

4. Review Various Exception Reports to identify anomalies and to review these with the key charge-hands/store manager. The aim here is to remove non-selling or low selling items, and boost margin by selling higher margin products or addressing low margins / excessive waste on others.


1. Review the Waste Analysis on Store KPI Dashboard, and on specifically designed fresh department dashboards, to identify products where waste is similar to the margin. The aim is to address issues identified with excessive waste.

2. Review Sub Dept Dashboard to see how sales by sub dept and margin are tracking for the week.

Review Deli and other fresh sub-dept dashboards to identify anomalies in terms of sales which might lead to changes in ordering/production/range.

Nexus can be tailored to other specific sector/industries as required.
To arrange a free, no obligations demo of Nexus and see how you can improve the performance of your store/business please contact us.